13 Moons
Shamanic Practitioner Training

Step into your power, learn the art of Shamanic Healing,
to heal others, our Earth & become a powerful manifestor! 

This year of shamanic practitioner training leads on from a foundation year,

'The 13 Moons Healing Journey Around The Medicine Wheel'. 

Following on from a year of deep personal healing and developing your spiritual awareness to a higher level, those who feel ready, may join a second year of training to become a certified and insured Shamanic Practitioner. 

During our year of practitioner training, I will initiate you in the 9 Munay Ki Rites, an ancient Mayan practice that awakens your healing powers, creates a protective energy shield around you, and connects you as a channel for powerful manifestations and healing. I gift you these rites and also teach you how to share these initiation rites with others.

We will work together as a small group to practice our shamanic skills so you become a confident practitioner, able to guide others on the shamanic path, connect them with their spirit guides and heal their lives. I incorporate Native American Lakota, Siberian and Mayan teachings, Drum & Gong healing. Plus the art of holding ceremony, meditations and traditional plant spirit medicine skills into this year of training, giving you a wide range of practices to use as tools in your practice. 

Working within a small group of a maximum of 8 fellow shamanic practitioner students, we meet and train once a month, each month receiving a different initiation, and a new shamanic healing practice, so by the end of our time together you will have a range of skills to suit most clients' needs.

This is a transformational year of shamanic practitioner training is curated from a vast array of shamans and wisdom keepers across the globe, gathered by Sorrell from over 25 years of training.

Once qualified you will become part of our tribe of Nature Spirit Medicine Shamanic Healers and offered continued mentorship, networking and training opportunities within our support group. 

What people say:

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the 13 moons course.
You are one of the most incredible teachers I have ever known. Every moment of the 13 moons course felt so special, I love the fluidity of how you planned our sessions, they always felt appropriate and on point.
Whether we were on zoom or in real life, you always held the space beautifully for us and none of the magic was lost due to the pandemic. I am so grateful for the beautiful workbook you created, it is a wonderful and comprehensive tool kit and I know it will be something I will work with my whole life long.
I just feel so deeply blessed to have a Goddess like you as my guide!"

KH, Margate



During our Year of Shamanic Practitioner Training you will:

  • Receive the 9 initiations in the 9 Munay Ki Rites, learn how to use them and how to initiate others.

  • Deepen your understanding how to work with energy systems, and learn how to heal the energy body.

  • Master the art of guiding others on powerful shamanic journeys into the spirt realms to connect with their spirit guides, power animals and the nature spirits.

  • Gain the shamanic ability to perceive and extract heavy energies and spirit attachments from the energy body.

  • Learn the art of shamanic ceremony, holding group healing sessions that will change lives. 

  • Learn how to create healthy dynamic therapeutic relationship with your clients.

  • Study the art of sound healing, working with both shamanic drums & gongs as a way to transform consciousness and create magical healing ceremonies.

  • Discover how to take people into past and future lives, to heal, to gather wisdom and integrate it into the present moment.

  • Continue to discover the art and science of traditional herbal medicine, including Cacao ceremony and the potential of other plant spirit medicines.​

  • Learn soul retrieval techniques and how to reintegrate lost, disconnected and hidden parts for others from the spirit realms. 

  • Discover how to manifest with love, wisdom, and be a channel for the greater good.

  • Become a certified professional & insured Shamanic Practitioner.

  • Be part of a like minded tribe that will support your spiritual journey.

  • Once qualified, we stay connected within our tribe's post graduate support group, where we offer further training for professional development, networking and mentorship. 

Image by Shane Rounce


Introductions to each other and to the practical aspects of the training course. How to complete the paperwork required. Understanding the Mayan Chakra system. Guided Gong Journey to meet the Mayan Archetypes. Introduction to Pi Stones. And your first initiation into the Munay Ki Rites - The Healers Rite. We learn about sacred herbal teas.

Image by Patrick Hendry


Fire Ceremony, how to 'feed' our Munay Ki Rites. Ginger & Water Cleansing Ceremony. Your second Munay Ki initiation - The Bands of Power which will create a protective shield around you and begin to dispel your old trauma wounds. The art of Hollow Bone Healing. We learn about sacred herbal teas.

Image by Harry Quan


We gift you the 3rd Munay Ki Rite - The seers rite, and you will begin to see the world with new eyes, connecting our left & right brain and awakening our 3rd eye. Learn how to preform an Illumination Ceremony to transform a client's energy body and reprogram their DNA. We learn about sacred herbal teas.

Image by Melissa Askew


You will receive the 4th Munay Ki Rite, the Harmony Rite, which will work on deep levels within your energy body to heal epigenetic wounds and awaken your relationship with the spirit world further. You will learn how to journey into the shamanic realms to perform a soul retrieval for others. We learn about sacred herbal teas.

Image by Fábio Hanashiro


You will receive the 5th Munay Ki Rite - The Day Keeper's Rite. Connecting you with the Sacred places on our Earth such as Avebury, Stone Henge and Machu Pichu. Plus you will learn how to guide others on a journey to the Middle realms and connect with the spirit of the Land. Creating a dynamic relationship for healing ourselves and the Earth. We learn about sacred herbal teas.

Image by Johannes Plenio


We step into our power as wisdom keepers, with the 6th Munay Ki Rite Initiation. Connecting with the shamans of old, our ancestors and all the wisdom available to us, that exists in our Earth's Matrix. We practice guiding others, this time higher into the upper realms to discover our past, future and parallel lives.  And we learn how to help them integrate this wisdom into the present moment. We learn about sacred herbal teas.



You receive the Earth Keeper's Rite Initiation, connecting you with our cosmic relations, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon and the archangels who are the guardians of our galaxy. We practice guiding others into the lower realms, to connect with a power animal  and discover their role as Earth Keepers. We learn about sacred herbal teas.

Image by Greg Rakozy


You will receive the 8th Munay Ki Rite Initiation,  the Star Keepers Rites. This rite is practised as a way to download new DNA codes, to help us evolve into a more advanced being known as 'homo luminous', as taught in the Mayan prophecies, we are evolving into healers for our world, in the new age. We practice our seeing energy skills, and learn ways to extract heavy energies and spirit attachments safely. We learn about sacred herbal teas. 

Image by Patrick


You are gifted the final 9th Munay Ki Rite - The Creator Rite. This final rite brings great responsibility, to step into our power as creators, and to create from a place of love and wisdom, in service to others and the highest good for all. We work together learning a Siberian Shamanic Traditional Ceremony to create a wishing tree and send our prayers to heaven for a healed world. We learn about sacred herbal teas.

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart


We will review our progress so far. There may be techniques you wish to revisit, to gain confidence and clarity. We begin to create a new unique shamanic ceremony together as a group for our final day together in 4 months time. We also begin to work with 'real' client's in the Clinic setting, with support from myself and the other students. We learn about sacred herbal teas. 

Native Drums


I will teach you the art of drum healing, taught to me by my Native American Lakota teachers and how to weave it into ceremonies of all kinds. We practice working with real clients, with support from myself and the other students, in the clinic setting. We learn about sacred herbal teas.


I teach you the ancient art of gong healing, how to incorporate it into your own private practice with clients, or in a group ceremony, and use it as a tool for personal healing & psychic awareness. development. We continue to practice working with real clients, with support, in the clinic setting.  We learn about sacred herbal teas.

Image by Alexander Andrews


In the morning, as part of our qualification process, we have a short exam, to ensure you have understood the teachings and can describe the shamanic healing arts we practice to others. This is not an academic exercise, but it will test you in your ability to communicate clearly what you already know, to ensure you are ready to practice shamanism as a therapist.


In the afternoon we celebrate with a ceremony, created by you and other students on the course. We finish with a healing gong ceremony guided by me, to help you feel restored and grounded after a year of stepping into your power fully and consciously! And as always, we share a healing herbal tea.

What will a course day look like?

9.30am Doors open to students, so anyone can come for a chat with fellow students, as this year we do not hold an official talking circle in the same way as we do in year 1.
10am We will begin our day sharing a unique herbal tea each moon, to enhance our shamanic abilities, cleanse and heal ourselves.
10.30am Munay Ki rites, and/or Shamanic healing techniques and teachings.
12pm LUNCH, we take time out to nourish ourselves. A healing vegan lunch is provided - food to share is welcome, and a chance to catch up in an informal talking circle.
1pm Deeper healing work ensues – working in small groups we practice the new shamanic skills I will be teaching you. At Moon 10, 11 & 12 we begin to step up into our role as shamanic practitioners and invite clients into the clinic space for us to work with, always supported, so you can learn how to perfect your skills.
4pm Finish for the day – homework practices will include a herbal 'dieta' - drinking a new tea each moon, to cleanse and heal ourselves, and learn how these plant spirit medicines can help heal others. case studies - 36 in total, a group ceremony and a 2,000 word essay on any subject you desire linked to shamanism. 

Dates for 2023 - 2024

Group 1 - Saturdays

4th February, 2023
4th March, 2023
1st April 2023
6th May, 2023
10th June, 2023
8th July 2023
5th August 2023
2nd September, 2023
2nd October 2023
28th October 2023
25th November, 2023
16th December, 2023
20th January 2024

Group 2 - Tuesdays

7th February, 2023
7th March, 2023
4th April 2023
9th May, 2023
13th June, 2023
11th July 2023
8th August 2023
5th September, 2023
3rd October 2023
31st October 2023
28th November, 2023
19th December, 2023
23rd January 2022

Your Investment

(if paid in FULL by 30th January 2022)
Deposit required by 14th December 2022 to secure your place: £625
(remainder required by 14th January for early bird price = £991)
I can also offer a payment plan to assist you, should you need it.
£625 deposit paid by 14th December 2022,
followed by 10 monthly payments of £110,
January to October inclusive.
Total cost for payment plan option: £1,725
This course price covers all materials, including the herbal teas to take home and work with each month, an initiation Pi stone, life time access to the teachings via our e-course programme and mentor support between group sessions. 

Meet your Teacher


Your Shaman, Sorrell Robbins, Founder of Plant Spirit Medicine Woman.

Sorrell is a Modern Medicine Woman, with qualifications in Herbal medicine BSc(Hons), Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Aromatherapy, Massage, Healing, a Cacao ceremony leader and also a Shamanic Healer for over 25 years.

Sorrell has been working with plant spirit medicine and shamanism for over 25 years and has trained with Doctors and Herbalists from India, Africa, Russia and Europe, plus Romany Gypsy shamans, Ecuadorian and Peruvian shamans, Native American Medicine Women, British Shamans and Wicca Witches.

During this year of Shamanic Practitioner training, Sorrell will gift you the 9 Munay Ki Rites which will help you to access the gifts you hold within you as a healer, a wisdom keeper, create a protective energy shield around you and guide you through the shamanic processes that have been tried and tested 1,000s of years and work powerfully for her in her own shamanic plant spirit medicine practice with clients. 

These powerful shamanic initiations and healing medicines will help your shamanic practice, and entire life blossom exponentially. It is my gift to help this transformation into the new age, where we step into our power as healers, remember we are one, and begin to change this world into a harmonious healed Earth home for us, our children and all our Relations.