Munay Ki Rites

The Munay Ki Rites originate from the high Andes, the mountains of Peru and the Q'ero shamans. They are a series of initiations which adjust our energy body to help us evolve into the luminous beings we are prophesied to become at this time in human history.


The shamans of Peru believe and teach us that these rites are for everyone, not just for the indigenous people of Peru, but for all the people of our planet. To help bring us into harmony, with each other and all our Earth relations, the plant people, the animals, the landscapes we live as a part of and also connect us with our cosmic relations - the sun, moon and stars. To become the shamans, Earth keepers, and the healers we were born to be. To transmute the stories of suffering we have been born into, to help us heal the trauma that has been a part of our experience for many lifetimes and which is stored in our energy bodies as epigenetic wounds.

Each initiation ceremony is created in conjunction with a fire ceremony, so you can immediately nourish the rites with fire energy, this will help them to grow strong and sure and become a functional part of you. Each initiation is a powerful shift in our consciousness and can help us awaken our shamanic gifts, the gifts we all have the potential to develop if we choose the shamanic path.

Each rite initiation is best done in order from 1 to 9, but the first 4 rites are flexible, we just need the first 4 in place as the foundation before you receive the last 5 rites. Sometimes people need the 2nd rite 1st, putting the bands of power in place first to feel safe enough to awaken their shamanic potential further and let their light shine even brighter.