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Women's Healing Circle 


When women gather, as a sacred sisterhood with the intention of nurturing each other and healing our wounds, magic can happen! 

Each month around the time of our New Moon phase, I offer sacred space for Women at my Moon Lodge in Margate. During this sacred time we come together to  reconnect with ourselves and each other. We will meet as a small circle - a maximum of 8, to keep it intimate and nurturing. 

We drink delicious healing herbal teas from my organic herbal dispensary. We share in a talking circle what we wish to share about our lives, perhaps a little about our journey in life and how we are feeling - this is of course optional - you share what feels right for you in the moment.

I will also guide you through a shamanic ceremony practice, a practical therapeutic exercise, or a meditation to assist our collective healing, to manifest a better way of feeling and come back to wholeness.


Each monthly session is different, my intention is for us to be playful and have fun together, make new friends and reconnect with old friends too, as well as heal and feel restored. 

There is a  small fee to attend, and the profits will be shared with a charity of choice - in alignment with the ceremony we are co-creating. So we add an extra layer of feeling good about ourselves, as we nurture and restore ourselves and the world around us.

Upcoming Moon Lodge Events

I am taking a Summer Break from holding space for the women's healing circle.

Please sign up to our newsletter for updates on the next events which I anticipate to be in September for our Autumn  Equinox. 

Wishing you a beautiful Summer!

Sorrell xx