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Healing & Relaxation

Gong Baths are a divine way of accessing the healing power of sound and vibration to transform your conscious and unconscious patterns, to bring yourself into harmony and to expand your spiritual soul towards enlightenment. They are relaxing to the deepest level. There is no part of our being that can block the healing power of Gong!

During a Gong Bath session with Sorrell & her Gongs: Earth, Sedna, Mercury, Chiron, Saturn, Neptune and a Nepalese Singing Bowl Gong, we first discuss what you may be looking for from the experience.  Some people come for physical or emotional healing, others come for the psychedelic element as the gong bath is a very powerful meditation aid. She can assist your journey into your inner world, allowing you to access your own personal spiritual visions, and bring you answers to questions you may have. The gong can connect you to the source of divinity and assist an expansion into a profound and blissful psychedelic consciousness.

For those on the physical healing path we allow some time to define our healing intentions, creating a personalised sacred healing shamanic ceremony, to hold us in a safe transformational space, calling on our spiritual allies and focusing the healing through the sound and vibration created by the Gong to assist you on your path of healing or spiritual awakening (often both).

Before we begin our Gong healing, we settle you into a bed of squishy cushions and fluffy blankets to encourage the deepest level of relaxation, creating the most powerful space possible for you to release the pain of the past, experience psychedelic visions and manifest the power and energy you need to shift whatever has been blocking you and healing your life.


Individual Sacred Gong Cermonies

Sorrell works 1-2-1 with her gongs and her clients to create unique personalised healing ceremonies which include a consultation process to decipher the most powerful ceremony for your needs, a cleansing smudge, and integration process at the end of the gong bath to allow for the client to ground their experience in conscious reality.


The Individual Gong bath ceremony session is around 60 minutes long.


60 minutes – £60


Shamanic Gong & Cacao Ceremony

Sorrell  is an experienced Cacaoista, trained in the Mayan cacao ceremony practices, running regular Cacao Ceremonies in Margate and Online. With over 25 years of experience working as a shamanic practitioner and healer, she brings together powerful shamanic practices to create the opportunity for us to experience psychedelic visions and healing.


She creates these special ceremonies regularly for public groups or privately just for you if you wish to host your own special shamanic healing event.

Please see below for details of our next public ceremony or get in touch to arrange a private experience. 


£30 per person for public group ceremonies, costs vary for private  group work.


Couples Shamanic Gong Ceremony

As Plato once said ‘every heart has a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back’. 

We are reflections of each other, and our emotional energy affects the other. For this reason alone it is wonderful to experience a gong bath as a couple, as it brings everyone present into harmony – and you can go away sure to make beautiful music together. In my humble opinion – a gong bath is the perfect start to a date! 

Couple ceremonies are 75 minutes long as integration time sometimes takes a little longer than for an individual.


75 minutes – £75


Tribe Shamanic Gong Ceremony

Ceremonies can be held for small or large groups. 

The harmonising effect of the gong is wonderful for creating a sense of connection and group harmony! 

The psychedelic visionary elements that the gong brings to us can assist with group problem solving and creative flow. 

The time taken will vary depending on the number of participants and the intention of the ceremony we co-create. 

We can accommodate groups of up to 10 at the Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, or arrange larger venues for larger groups


Costs vary depending on travel and set up time, please make contact for a quote. Minimum £150.

Introducing the Gongs



The earth gong awakens the heart chakra, it helps open and expand our ability to love and receive love. It helps us ground our emotions like anxiety etc. and feel safer and more comfortable here on Earth. 


The fundamental note of this gong, C# is the OM note, the sound of the cosmos itself. 


Working with this Earth gong provides a sense of emotional balance, heart chakra opening, builds compassion and pure love. When playing this gong it feels like a hug from Mother Earth herself.



Saturn is the taskmaster! He is responsible and enjoys order, structure and demands meaning in our activities. Saturn helps us transform suffering into wisdom, help us transform our karmic lessons, our life time of experience into our medicine. 


Saturn helps us to establish healthier boundaries for ourselves, supports discipline, patience, stability, integrity, and focus. A very useful gong indeed for self sabotaging behaviours fo all kinds!



A new planet discovered in 2003, she is also named after the Inuit Goddess of the Ocean. Sedna’s story is one of a goddess who finds her power in her darkest moment. She works to help us to find our inner power, tap into the super conscious part of ourselves and discover we are more powerful than we once thought! 


Sedna as goddess of the ocean, is associated with the water element, the colour blue, and is a very cleansing gong. She can help us to expand our minds, our hearts and our spirits in new and delicious ways. 



The divine messenger, and a wise advisory. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and moves very fast, its journey around to the hidden side of the sun represents how it is able to bring messages back from the spirit realm for us. Mercury is also a very intellectual planet and can help us think fast, analyse, communicate our ideas, express ourselves with more ease. 


Mercury is also thought of as great healer, a transmitter of energy - and can be helpful in creating a healing flow of energy between therapist and client. 


Mercury as the god of travel, is also a helpful guide into the spirit realms - for those on a shamanic journey. 


Mercury rules the throat and the thyroid gland, and is associated with the colour blue/green. 



The 8th planet from the sun, It is made primarily of methane, ice and rock which gives it its blue colour. Neptune as the god of water influences our water element, and as humans - we are made of around 70% of water, and every cell of our body needs this water to live. Neptune has the power to cleanse us deeply! Neptune is also thought of as the great deceiver - a master of disguise,  illusion & disillusionment, spirituality and abstract thinking. 


When we play this gong - we work with our water element, cleansing our body’s cells, and our minds too. Freeing us of our mental delusions, bringing clarity, new perspectives and release from old thoughts that no longer work for us. Encouraging creativity and imagination. 


Neptune gong is also helpful for opening the third eye, awakening us to our spirituality and unity consciousness. Helping our development of psychic abilities.


Nepalese Singing Gong

This gong is made from recycled singing bowls and bell-bronze alloy., using traditional techniques handed down by gong-makers for thousands of years. Each gong is handmade and hand etched to create beautiful patterns. No 2 singing gongs are alike - each has a unique energy and sound. 


This gong has been nicknamed ‘spider spirit’ gong, because when she plays she feels like she is helping us to stand in the present moment of our matrix, eat up our old web of creation and spin a new one, like a spider spins a web. With grace and ease, helping us create the story, bringing our dreams and desires in to being.



The original wounded healer and god of healing. He was half man and half horse, a centaur of great power, who had to overcome great prejudice to prove himself worthy of love and acceptance. Chiron represents our deepest spiritual wounds and can help connect us to our path of karmic healing this lifetime. 


Chiron wants us too reach our full potential, he understands healing may be painful, but he is not afraid to activate our emotions, to bring them to the surface, for release and healing.  Chiron works on ancestral or past life wounds that may not even be conscious. 


Chiron is also associated with the third eye, throat and the colour turquoise/blue. 

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