Plant Spirit Medicine Day Retreat

A healing transformational day retreat. Relax, reconnect and let us lead you on a shamanic journey with healing plants and friendly bacteria to heal your mind, body and soul. Plant Spirit Medicine teachings led by expert Medical herbalist & Shaman Sorrell Robbins. With a nourishing 3 course healing food journey provided by Nutritional Chef Vanessa Jaich.


A day of spiritual connection in nature, held in a private garden, filled with medicinal and wild herbs. This is a retreat for your mind, body and spirit, where we will work in multidimensional ways to connect with the consciousness of plants. We will learn how to make plant spirits our allies, become their allies, and create magical medicines in the form of flower essences which you will take away with you to continue your deep connection and healing.

You will be welcomed by Sorrell, your Plant Spirit Medicine Guide, and the spirit of Rose in the form of a delicious bubbly non-alcoholic drink to refresh you and open your heart's energy to receiving the love and healing messages from the plants.


After our introductions to each other and the sacred space, we will begin to awaken our psychic abilities with Mama Cacao and (optional) Ayahuasca micro-dosing drops and psychedelic gongs in ceremony. During our ceremony, you will be guided into an altered state of consciousness to assist your third eye and third ears opening, to be able to receive the messages from the plant people more easily.

When we have spent some shamanic journey time with Sorrell's psychedelic gongs and the deeply nurturing plant spirits of the Rainforest (Cacao and Ayahuasca) in the ceremony, we will land back again in the medicinal herb garden. And with your third eye and ears open, Sorrell will guide you around the garden and introduce you to her friends, the plant people, many of which are medicinal herbs. This is the moment you will begin to realise which plant spirit is ready to be your personal plant spirit ally and together we will begin the practical process of creating our flower essences.

To ground ourselves and nourish our bodies, you will be served a divine 3-course meal and taken on a healing food journey with Nutritional Chef Vanessa Jaich. A probiotic & prebiotic food journey...


Pre-digestive summer salad

Kimchi-Water Melon Gazpacho

Cultured cashew cheese

Yellow split pea seaweed Crackers


Main Spread:

Sprouted carlin pea & quinoa Tabbouleh

Date & tamarind dressing

Miso cold potato salad

Red cabbage & beetroot pickle


Lavender blueberry cashew torte

In the afternoon, we connect deeper to our personal plant spirit ally, journeying with Sorrell's guidance and her Shamanic Drums to understand the messages that our plant spirit ally has for us and receive the healing they wish to offer us. We are here at this time on Earth to remember we are Earth keepers, and it is our job to take care of the plant people too. So within this ceremony, we will also offer ourselves as an ally to the plant people - as all the best relationships are equal!

To complete our day together we will finish the practical process of creating our own personal flower essences for you to take home, and continue the healing and spiritual awakening they wish to offer you. By the end of this day of initiation into the plant spirit medicine world, you will be a confident plant spirit medicine person and know how to make your own flower essences from scratch!

We will be based mostly outside during our day in the garden, but we do also have inside sacred space to work in, depending on the weather. It is advisable to bring a hat, wear appropriate clothing and bring sunscreen if necessary to protect your skin in case the day is very sunny, which it usually is!

No previous experience of shamanism is required for this day retreat, this is a workshop for all. It does require you to be able to be calm and quiet for long periods to commune with the plants, so it is not created with young children in mind - but if older children wish to attend and you feel they are able to rest for up to 1 hour without feeling restless they are welcome, under your supervision. If you have any further questions please do get in touch.


​Plant Spirit Medicine Woman's Moon Lodge

60 Harold Road


Kent CT9 2HS

Your financial investment:

£111, all materials included,

plus a Vegan Lunch and beverages all provided.


​Saturday 25th June 2022, 10am - 4pm

Plant Spirit Medicine Day Retreat
25 Jun, 10:00 – 16:00
60 Harold Rd, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2HS, UK