A Master Class in Creating Healing  Vibrational Plant Essences

With Plant Spirit Medicine Woman

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Nearly 2.5 hours of high quality video, including all practical elements & shamanic journeys. Content in English, with English Subtitles. 


All teachings are also available as audio files so you can listen & learn at your own pace.


A detailed text book, an easy to use reference, guiding you through every step of the journey.


Private Facebook Group, to support you, a safe space to share your experiences, to learn and grow together.

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About the course


In this course you will:

  • Learn how to make high vibrational essences from any plant

  • Discover all the equipment you need and where to find it

  • Understand the 3 different strengths of vibrational essences and how to use them

  • Review the different dosage protocols from different lineages

  • Experience how to create a sacred ceremonial space

  • Master the art of energy cleansing - 3 different ways

  • Practice using your breath to deepen your connection to spiritual consciousness

  • The practical methods shamans use to journeying safely into the 3 layers of reality

  • Receive invocations to call on our spirit allies

  • Grasp the art of discovering your personal plant spirit ally

  • Discover how to connect to the spirit of a plant like a shaman

  • Using art as a way to consciously connect to your plant spirit and its teachings

  • Be able to integrate the teachings from your plant essence into your daily life

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What Clients Say

"Still glowing from your wonderful ceremony, and this guide is beautifully laid out, I really appreciate it.."

Course Content

2: Equipment Required

All the equipment you will need to create your vibrational essences.

  • Demonstrating of each piece of kit

  • List of all equipment you will need (including links to suppliers)

  • Video, Audio & Transcript

4: Meeting the Plants

A walk around the Herb garden

  • Meet 18 herbs that heal

  • Discover their physical, emotional & spiritual healing properties

  • Learn how to find your plant spirit ally

  • Video, Audio & Transcript

6: Creating Vibrational Plant Essences (Part 2)

Practical steps to complete the vibrational medicine making process

  • Making the Mother essence

  • Making the Stock essence

  • Making the Medicinal essence

  • Video, Audio & Transcript

8: Different Ways to use your Vibrational Essence

Blending essences for yourself & others

  • Creating blends of more than 1 essence with a specific intention

  • Many ways to integrate the healing power of essences into daily life

  • Video, Audio & Transcript

10: The Shamanic Gong Journey to meet your Plant Spirit Ally

Time to relax and go journey deep into your inner spiritual landscape

  • Ancient Mayan energy cleanse

  • Guided shamanic gong journey to connect you to your plant spirit ally

  • Meeting a power animal to assist you in the spirit realms

  • Video, Audio & Written description



12: Farewell and Keeping Connected

The journey has just begun

  • How to stay connected to your fellow plant spirit medicine folk

  • Free support & further training opportunities available

  • Video, Audio & Transcript

1: Introduction to your Course

An overview of the course and an introduction to your teacher.

  • Welcome to this adventure in plant spirit medicine

  • A summary of what to expect

  • Video, Audio & Transcript