Shamanic Pathways
& Herbal Training

Join me on the path of healing, happiness and consciousness expansion.

From online courses, you can download & learn at your own pace,

to live shamanic healing circles and initiations.

I hope to offer you the best training available in these fields,

in a way that serves our world, so we can all heal and evolve together.


The plants have given me a task; to teach you how to connect to them and the wisdom they have for us. They have been on this planet for 500 million years and they want to help us to evolve and to live in harmony with all our earthly relations.

This course guides you through the spiritual & practical elements involved in making vibrational plant essences.


So wherever you are at in your life's journey whether you are wanting to engage in shamanic practices or whether you're interested in simply how to create your own vibrational essences from plants then I've made this course for you. 

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An 8-week ONLINE Cacaoista Training 
for all levels of experience.


Led by Plant Spirit Medicine Woman - Sorrell Robbins, Medical Herbalist, Sound Healer & Shamanic Teacher, with over 27 years of experience. Trained by Indigenous Mayan Elders in the ancient art, modern science, & esoteric practices of hosting Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.


This course will teach you everything you need to know, to create your own unique cacao ceremonies, infused with Mayan wisdom, secret recipes, 3rd eye awakening practices and modern scientific understanding. 

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This course provides all the information you need to get started creating your own herbal medicines, which actually work, for you and your family/friends.

17 Modules explaining how to grow, gather, store and prepare herbal medicine for you and your family.  


Lifetime access to all materials PLUS a bonus copy of my latest Herbal Medicine Book. This book also includes many extra  recipes and formulas to help you create medicines from plants you can grow and source easily. Plus easy to digest guides on how to treat common complaints we may all experience in our lifetime.  

These are the herbal teachings our Ancestors want us to remember!

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A transformational year of shamanic experiences curated from a vast array of shamans and wisdom keepers across the globe, gathered by Sorrell from over 27 years of training. Teaching you to integrate transformative techniques such as shamanic gong & drum meditations, plant spirit medicines, and ancient shamanic practices into your life.

Connecting you with your power animals, spirit guides and nature spirits. Teaching you how to protect yourself from psychic attack and energy leaches. Working with a monthly dieta of herbs, utilising  plant spirit medicine, to cleanse, heal and awaken. Retrieving lost past of ourselves & letting go of the wounds of the past.


Creating a Mesa, an alter which acts as a bridge between the worlds and our spiritual allies. Which can then be used for divination & healing.

This course is 1 day a month, over 13 moons. And the price includes all the materials you will need, as I gift you new herbs each moon to work with.

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A transformational year of shamanic experiences curated from a vast array of shamans and wisdom keepers across the globe, gathered by Sorrell from over 25 years of training. Teaching you to integrate transformative techniques such as meditation, plant spirit medicine, and ancient shamanic practices into your life.

Training twice a month during the full and a new moon phases, together we heal, step into our power, out of the darkness and into the light.


Working with a tribe of fellow spiritual seekers, we meet once a month at the full moon online and go within at the new moon with a deep healing session.

Take 2 Sunday afternoons a month to heal, to awaken your spiritual soul, to connect and strengthen your gifts with a spiritual tribe, and discover the powerful shaman within.

This course is different to the in person course in that it does not include a monthly herbal dieta. This is due to the online nature of the course and my professional boundary as a Medical herbalist. But all other aspects of the original 13 moons course are integrated and this is reflected in the cheaper price.

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A transformational 9 moon healing & awakening journey. Suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners. All welcome on this journey of a lifetime!

The Munay Ki Rites originate from the high Andes, the mountains of Peru and the Q'ero shamans. They are a series of initiations which adjust our energy body to help us evolve into the luminous beings we are prophesied to become at this time in human history.

Each ceremony is uniquely crafted, with herbs blended with ceremonial cacao from ancient Mayan recipes, to create powerful healing medicines.


The shamanic ceremonial experiences have the potential to heal deep wounds, even our epigenetic ancestral wounds, and past lives. Helping us to let go of anything that does not serve us, aligning us with who we were born to be, and awakening to our full potential.


This journey will change your consciousness, your perceptions and your experience of reality forever. 


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