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Shamanic Practitioner training for 2022
13 moons cohort

Please note, the 2022 13 moons cohort are the last group that be offered this practitioner training in the old way. It is described below in more detail.

The explanation that follow is potentially a bit complex to digest - so let's have a chat if you need some help making sense of this.


You can join me on this version of the programme which begins with the Shamanic Initiations in February 2023 and complete your studies to qualify as a practitioner by end of 2024. 


Alternatively, you will be invited to the next version of the apprenticeship training but it is going to be more demanding, moving from a 3 year to a 4 year training. 


This current qualification & certification opportunity  is specifically created for your requirements, to fulfil my commitment to you, in the way I originally intended you to receive it. However, I am changing it in time, as on reflection, it needs to change for me to be 100% satisfied with the standards of practice I expect from you as future shamanic practitioners.

Once you have completed the 9 month initiation & healing course, should you wish to continue there will be several workshops that are being created to enable you to gather all the skills I want you to have was a shamanic practitioner - basically offering to teach you EVERYTHING I know, and how to work as a shaman in the way I do, but of course adding your own uniqueness to this process.


The cost of the shamanic initiations 9 month course is: £999


The link to this course web page is:


Please do let me know if you wish to join this 9 month course, and ideally officially reserve your place by making the payment to show your commitment. If you want to join but need to pay later in the year, then let me know, I can reserve a space of you until September 2022, and there is an option to pay in 3 instalments if that helps. In September I will make the course available to all.


It doesn’t start till February, but I would like a financial commitment by October so I can see how many places are left to invite participants outside of the 13 moon circle to join.


Once you have completed the 13 moons healing journey & the shamanic initations course, the practitioner training will follow on, with choices as to what you study with me, depending on your needs.


To qualify as a practitioner through my training, and to obtain insurance as a shamanic practitioner with Balens, you need to complete:


  1. 125 hours of training with me in person (or over zoom). (Each day we are together is 5 hours - so if you attend every day with me - that is 110 hours). So you will definitely need to join me for extra sessions to make up these hours.

  2. 25 hours of personal study (or study elsewhere - such as a different healing course, perhaps a reiki initiation, or a drum making course, or reading books on shamanism, or attending cacao ceremonies) to demonstrate this has been completed you need to write a brief reflective study on the trainings you have chosen and how they have supported your shamanic practice.

  3. case studies x36

  4. Student insurance for case studies

  5. first aid qualification (a 6 hour training is adequate)

  6. register with the ICO - a government led data protection agency

  7. A 2,000 word essay on a subject of your choice about shamanic healing

  8. 2 x clinical observations (here in my clinic - or i can travel to your clinic at your expense)

  9. 1 x 8 question exam - this can be done in your own time


The optional extra session training courses (dates TBC) offered will include:


Soul retrieval - 2 day, 10 hrs

Extraction - 1 day, 5hrs

Illumination/chakra cleansing - 1 day, 5 hrs

Shamanic Drum making - 2 day - TBC - probably 12+hrs

Shamanic Rattle making - 1 day, 5hrs

Shamanic Drum Healing - 2 day, 10hrs

Gong Healing - 2 day, 10hrs

Cacao Spirit Medicine, Cacaoista training - ONLINE COURSE 7 sessions of 90 minutes, 1 session of 2 hours. Total 12.5 hrs


You can pick which you like to make up the hours for take them all! These course will also be open any level of experience to attend, so if you want to join these individual trainings but are not wanting the practitioner certification & insurance that’s OK,  you can still come for the ride!

From 2024 onwards I will be offering an apprenticeship which involves a longer commitment to training. Increasing case studies from 36 up to 60, and monthly mentoring over 20 months, at additional cost - which will be linked to my hourly rate (currently £60 per hour but it will probably increase in line with inflation). So the total training will eventually become around 3.5 to 4 years. And therefore more expensive as well.  Of course you are welcome to take this pathway too should it suit your needs.