Cacao Spirit Medicine 

An 8-week ONLINE
Cacaoista Training 
for all levels of experience.

 Led by Plant Spirit Medicine Woman - Sorrell Robbins,
a Medical Herbalist, Sound Healer & Shamanic Teacher, with over 27 years of experience.

Trained by Indigenous Mayan Elders in the ancient art, modern science, & esoteric practices of hosting Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.


Every teaching, meditation & practical exercise is recorded and made available to you, to watch again and again, so you can solidify the learning at your pace. 


Use our audio files to integrate the teachings, just like an audiobook. Or use them to guide others on shamanic journeys within your ceremonies.


Every element, meditation & shamanic journey is shared in a scripted format, so you can learn easily to guide others. Along with a detailed workbook of all teachings provided.


For further support for your evolution as a Cacao Spirit Medicine Practitioner, I invite you to work with me as a Shamanic mentor and journey at your pace.

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About the course


In this course you will learn:*

  • How to prepare yourself to become a Cacaoista

  • The art of creating safe & sacred space

  • Shamanic energy cleansing practices 

  • Creating, cleansing & closing a group's energy bubble

  • The Mayan philosophy of energy & love 

  • Opening & closing a sacred shamanic ceremony

  • Invoking the energies within a healing medicine wheel

  • Preparation of your ceremonial cacao drinks

  • Ancient recipes to enhance your cacao ceremonies

  • Initiation ceremony to connect you to Mama Cacao for guidance and offer yourself in service as a channel for her rainbow medicine healing

  • Working with a Shamanic Drum

  • Integrating Sound Healing instruments & music

  • Learn how to guide participants on a shamanic journey

  • Travelling into the 3 dimensions of reality

  • Methods of awakening the third eye

  • Health benefits of cacao including the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional

  • The science behind cacao as a medicine

  • Safety issues & cautions, what could go wrong & how to avoid pitfalls

  • The history of our use of ceremonial cacao, and why cacao is considered superior

  • Farming Practices of ceremonial cacao, what makes it so different

  • Finding your own ceremonial style

  • Creating, preparing & marketing your ceremony

  • Connecting you to my favourite suppliers, to give you all the tools you need

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When & Where

This is an ONLINE training within a small group - maximum 12 people.

UK time: 6.30 pm - 8 pm
(our completion session could be a little longer - please allow 2 hours, approximately 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm)

All sessions are recorded so you won't miss anything even if you can't make a live session.

You must be present at the final session to receive your certificate, or alternatively to complete your journey you can arrange a private session with Sorrell.


We meet every Thursday for 8 weeks.
September 22nd, 29th
October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
November 3rd & 10th


This course costs £600 and includes so much practical material, including scripts, cacao ceremony formats and access to all video and audio content that will also last you a lifetime!

Plus we include a 10% discount on all our ceremonial cacao to get you started on your path as a Cacaoista.

For those who are committed and keen, we offer an 
early bird 25% off - a discounted price of £450! 
Payment must be made by August 31st to qualify.

Please remember places are limited, and I will not repeat this training again until 2023.

Payment may also be made in instalments, even with the early bird price, using the PayPal & Klarna option depending on credit checks which are made available at checkout.

Course Content

1: Preparation & Manifestation

Welcome to all! 

  • Becoming a cacaoista - what is required of you in this role.

  • Shamanic self care - spiritual, mental, emotional & physical.

  • The golden book - creating your own reality, manifestation skills

  • Audio Recording to download (mp3).

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2: Energy Cleansing Practices

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How to cleanse the energy of a person, a group and a space.

  • Introduction to the tools & practices

  • How the Mayan cultures perceive energy

  • Creating a group energy connection

  • Using herbs, feather, rattles, and your imagination to cleanse thoroughly

3: The Medicine Wheel

The 7 directions and how to invoke them

  • The power of opening a ceremony with a sacred medicine wheel

  • The meanings behind the 7 directions in relation to your life

  • A Medicine wheel invocation

  • Opening & Closing Sacred Space

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4: Preparing Ceremonial Cacao & Initiation Ceremony 

Preparing Cacao for ceremony,  the Mayan way, & being in service

  • Ancient and modern recipes, to enhance your experience

  • The 3 layers of reality

  • Receive your initiation to become a cacaoista in service to Mama Cacao

5: Sound Medicine
& Guided Journeys

Integrating Drums, Gongs, Singing Bowls & Healing Music

  • The art of shamanic drumming

  • The art of gong & singing bowl healing

  • Music as medicine

  • How to guide others on a shamanic journey

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6: Science, Awakening
& Integration

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The scientists view, spiritual view & weaving the 2 together

  • The science behind how cacao affects our mind, body, emotion & spiritual experience.

  • Awakening the 3rd Eye

  • Integrating spiritual experiences into our daily lives

7: Health & Safety, Farming, & Discovering Your Style

What could go wrong, how to avoid mishaps, and be prepared for anything! 

  • Health & safety - when to avoid giving cacao & your alternatives

  • Farming in the ancient way, why ceremonial cacao is so superior

  • Discovering your ceremonial style

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8: Time To Shine!

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We support each other as we step into our power

  • A chance to show your own unique style

  • We all share in the creation of a group ceremony. 

  • On completion of the course will  receive a certificate to demonstrate you are a certified cacaoista!



Sorrell is a Modern Medicine Woman, with qualifications in Herbal medicine BSc(Hons), Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Aromatherapy, Massage, Healing, a Cacao ceremony leader and also a Shamanic Healer for over 27 years.

Sorrell has been working with plant spirit medicine and shamanism for over 27 years and has trained with Doctors and Herbalists from India, Africa, Russia and Europe, plus Romany Gypsy shamans, Ecuadorian, Guatemalan and Peruvian shamans, Native American Medicine Women, British Shamans, Druids and Wicca Witches.

During this Cacaoista training, including 8 weeks of transformative teachings, Sorrell will hold space and guide you, helping you to transform yourself through shamanic processes, to evolve into a Cacaoista, so that you too can share this powerful rainbow medicine with the world. 

Grounding you on the shamanic path, as we cross the rainbow bridge into blissful harmony with all our relations.  We journey within the medicine wheel to see in new and delightful ways, and learn how to access your own gifts and integrate them into a powerful ceremony that is personal to your authentic self.

This is not just a cacaoista training, this is a spiritual awakening, a transformation, this medicine path will help your entire life blossom exponentially, and it is my gift to help this transformation flow easily, and help us all to be the change we need o see, to heal this world one heart at a time - now let us begin!

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Mama Cacao Needs YOU! 
Will you join us,
and help us to heal our Earth,
one heart at a time?